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Acoustica MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS is a neat and small audio converter that allows you to quickly transcode your MP3 files not only to WAV, but also to WMA. You can also convert from one MP3 file to another MP3 file in order to change its bitrate. You just need to right-click the audio file and select the output format of your choice, and MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS will start working.

Acoustica MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS uses Lame’s MP3 encoder and a high quality 32 bit sound engine to produce anti-aliases audio, leaving behind unwanted artifacts and guaranteeing superior audio quality. To enhance the audio of the converted files you can tell the software to normalize their volume to the percentage of your choice (from 80 to 100%). The program can also trim the extra silence that sometimes appear at the beginning and/or the end of some tracks, and will automatically detect if the track is incomplete due to a faulty download.

To make it easier to use, MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS installs itself in the context-sensitive menu that opens whenever you right-click an audio file in Windows®. When that menu pops up all you need to do is chose among the available formats, and the program will automatically convert the file, folder, or playlist you selected in the desired format. You can also drag and drop any of them on top of the icon program in your desktop, and MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS will automatically perform the defaulted task assigned to each input format. If you select a folder which contains sub-folders, you can either convert everything in just one go, or designate the tracks to be converted.

If you wish to change any of the default settings, just click on the program icon and a preferences window will pop up. There you can set the quality of your MP3 files from 16 to 320 kbps, and from 8 to 192 kbps for WMA files. You can also adjust the sampling rate of your WAV files from 8,000 to 88,200 Hz.

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